Istituto Astronomico, Università di Roma " La Sapienza"

via Lancisi 29 Roma

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

One day local Workshop on

The simulation of astrophysical self-gravitating systems:

Theory and high performance computing

Morning: Computing the evolution of large gravitating systems

Time Speaker Institution Title
10- 10:15  R. Capuzzo Dolcetta La Sapienza, Roma Introductory remarks
10:15 - 11 P. Spinnato  Amsterdam Performance modeling on hybrid architectures: the use of GRAPE with parallel systems
11 - 11:30 D.Nappi La Sapienza e CASPUR, Roma Open MP parallelization of a tree code
11:30 - 12 V.Rosato ENEA, Roma The use of hybrid MIMD-SIMD architectures for the study of the evolution of globular clusters containing massive objects. 
12 - 12:30 M.Bottaccio La Sapienza, Roma Gravitational clustering in N-body systems
12:30 - 13  P.Miocchi  La Sapienza, Roma A parallel code PGHPF/CRAFT for the study of  the evolution of globular clusters

13 - 14:30 -------- lunch ----------

Afternoon: More computations and theory

Time Speaker Institution Title
14:30 - 15 B. Semelin Parigi, Roma Simulation of molecular clouds: search for a fractal state
15 - 15:30  P. Cipriani La Sapienza, Roma Scaling behaviour of geometrodynamical and statistical quantities in N-body systems
15:30 - 16 S. Succi IAC, CNR, Roma Scaling laws in modern theory of fluid turbolence
16- 16:30 M.Merafina La Sapienza, Roma Thermodynamics in globular clusters: a different point of view 
16:30 - 17:15 R. Spurzem et al. Heidelberg Star Clusters, Galactic Nuclei, Black Holes and the use of massively parallel computers