Academic titles.
Born in Roma, Italy, on January 21 1949. Degree in Physics in 1973, astronomer at Bologna Observatory in 1979, assistant professor at University La Sapienza by the end of 1979, associated professor since 1986. Member of the International Astronomical Union since 1986. Retired from teaching on November 1 2011. Associated to INAF-IAPS since January 2012.

Scientific activity
Roberto Nesci has been active in several fields of Astronomy, namely stellar spectroscopy, population synthesis of Globular Clusters and Elliptical Galaxies, X-ray emission from Clusters of Galaxies.
He also realized a project of optical monitoring of the cloud coverage at Terra Nova Bay in Antactica during the winter night in the years 1993-95, to check the opportunity of installation of an optical astronomical telescope.
His main present research field is variability of AGN, with optical and radio telescopes from the ground and X-ray telescope from space.
In 1997 has was a founder of the international collaboration WEBT (Whole Earth Blazar Telescope) involving about 15 telescopes spread in longitude around the world to allow 24 hours coverage of the sources. As such he was responsible of the Vallinfreda astronomical station.
He has been a collaborator of the Scientific Data Center (ASDC) of the Italian Space Agency (ASI).
Presently is involved in the TANAMI project, monitoring a sample of Gamma-ray emitting Blazars.
He has been local coordinator of a national project (COFIN) of digitization of astronomical plates in Italian Observatories, demonstrating that commercial scanners were well suited for scientific work.
In the framework of a collaboration with the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (Armenia) he realized the digitization of the nearly 1800 photographic plates of the Markarian Survey (DFBS project), the automatic extraction of the spectra and their photometric calibration. He has also organized a dedicated web page to allow the on-line access of the about 20 millions spectra contained in the DFBS database (, now available also in VO format at
He is author of 85 papers on international refereed journals, with H-index=27.

Didactic activity
Roberto Nesci helded a Course of Basic Astronomy for the Natural Sciences degree from 1986 up to 2009; a Course of Introduction to Astrophysics for the Physics degree, and Course of Laboratory of Astrophysics for the Physics and Astrophysics degree, from 2003.
Member of the teaching staff for the PhD in Astronomy at La Sapienza University.
He teached Solar System Physics at the Perugia University from 1989 to 1991.
He held a Course of Didactic of Astronomy in the years 1992, 1994 and 1998 at the Specialization School for teachers of the RomaTre University.

Other didactic and outreach activities.
In the years 2008/09 he realized a didactic project of night-sky light pollution monitoring for High School students in the framework of the International Year of Astronomy (2009), which is still on-going.
In the year 2003 he realized a remote controlled didactic telescope (TACOR) for University and high schools students, still operational ( He has wrote several articles of astronomy for general public in magazines and made interviews in public radio broadcasts. For two years (1980/81) was lecturer at the Rome Planetarium. He made several astronomy conferences in public schools.