The Newtonian telescope at Greve

Our group has an observing facility at Greve in Chianti, a small town 50 km ESE of Florence (Long. 11o 16' 51.9" East, Lat. +43o 33' 48.6"), at 390 m above sea level, with a rather dark sky (V=20.0 mag/arcsec2).

The observatory is operated by dr. Franco Montagni, who is also the owner of the whole structure.

The telescope is a Newtonian 31 cm f/4.5, built by GAMBATO, equipped with a CCD camera built by the italian firm DTA, using a back-illuminated SITe SIA502A 512x512 (24 micron square) chip and standard BVRI Johnson-Cousins filters, housed in a 3 meter dome building. The filter recipes are equal to those of the Vallinfreda and TRC70 telescopes. Given the short focal lenght (130 cm) the field of view is 40'x40' with the present camera, which allows to use a good number of comparison stars even in high galactic latitude fields.

Guiding is automatically performed with a 12 cm f/12 refractor and an ST6-SBIG camera.

Routine observations at Greve started by the end of Summer 1993.

The telescope is presently dedicated to monitoring of symbiotic stars and BL Lacs, with special care for simultaneous observations with space-born instruments .

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