The TRC70 Telescope

The Astronomical Institute of the University La Sapienza and the Institute of Space Astrophysics (IAS-CNR), installed in 1995 a 70 cm f/8.3 telescope at Monte Porzio, in a dome rented from the Rome Astronomical Observatory (Long. 12o 42' 09" East, Lat. +41o 48' 00") in 1995. The optical tube and mirrors were realized by MARCON, while the mounting and drive system were realized by dr. Giuliano Natali, IAS-CNR.

Routine observations started by the end of Spring 1996. The observing time was shared in equal parts between the two Institutions.

Observations by the University group were performed with a CCD camera built by the italian firm DTA using a back-illuminated SITe SIA502A chip 512x512 (24 micron square pixels) thermoelectrically cooled.
The main topic of research was monitoring of BL Lacs in the usual Johnson-Cousins filters, with special care for simultaneous observations with space-born instruments.
Here are the (Johnson-Cousins) filter recipes:

Observations by the IAS-CNR group were made using a CCD camera built by the group itself, based on the same kind of SITe chip, but nitrogen cooled.

The Station was closed in August 2001.
A new building for the telescope was realized at Monte Autore , but the Station did not became operative due to funds cutting after the confluence of the IAS-CNR into the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF).

List of publications including TRC70 observations.