The Vallinfreda astronomical Station

Informazioni in italiano

The SCAE group has an observing facility near Vallinfreda, (a small town 50 km ENE of Rome), located at 850 m above the sea level with a rather low sky brightness (V=20.5 mag/arcsec2). Geographical coordinates are Long. 12o 58' 52" East, Lat. +42o 06' 01".

The telescope is a Newtonian 50 cm f/4.5, built by GAMBATO, powered by an FS2 system, housed in a sliding-roof building. A standard 12m container, provided by the italian Protezione Civile, gives logistical support. The focal plane instrument is an Apogee ALTA AP47 CCD camera and a TrueTech filter wheel with standard BVRI Johnson-Cousins filters (48 mm diameter), provided by Astrodon-Schuler. Electric focuser is by MicroFocuser. Given the short focal lenght (220 cm) the field of view is 20'x20' with the present camera, which allows to use a good number of comparison stars even in high galactic latitude fields.

Guiding is made automatically with a 15 cm f/12 refractor telescope manifactured by ZEN and a StarLight Xpress MX916 camera.

Routine observations at Vallinfreda started by the end of Summer 1995 (before the telescope was located at Oriolo, 40 Km north of Rome).

The telescope is presently dedicated to monitoring of BL Lacertae objects, with special care for simultaneous observations with space-born instruments.

The telescope is not only a research site: guided visits for groups and schools are organized after reservation. Lectures on the most interesting topics in astronomy are also delivered.

Left: the sliding-roof buildind of the newtonian telescope at Vallinfreda; right: close-up view of the telescope


Observations logbook (updated 2007)
List of publications (updated 2002)

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